Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Weekend of Records

Not good ones though.

After Saturday's MTB race and getting stitched up, I had a bunch of work to do to get my TT bike ready for today's Desert Duathlon. I had some shifter issues, some tire pressure issues, some new wheel issues etc etc....oh yeah, and of course, I had to run by Focus Cyclery and pick up some new cleats & 3-hole cleat adapters for my Crank Brothers pedals (if you haven't read my last post, my cleats broke, again).

Finally, I got to bed...sort of. After a fast and hard MTB crash your body will be wrecked in all sorts of ways. Mine was/is no different. Getting up at 5am for today's race came way too quickly.

I'll cut to the chase. The race. I mustered the needed energy at the start line. Within the first 1/2 mile I was in the front with a couple of followers (30-39 age group started together...yes, I am 30 now). Sweet. Once the false flat hit, I picked it up. Less noise behind me. After about 1 mile I was solo catching all the 20-29 yr olds. I felt great.

Into transition I came totally pumped to hop on the bike and crush it. I really wanted to see how I faired against the elites. Well, that feeling faded within about 3 pedal strokes on my bike.

BROKEN CLEAT AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN (3x now). No, this wasn't an Xterra. No, this wasn't a MTB race. The race was on the road. I don't know what the deal is. I put on all NEW hardware last night. It's not me. Needless to shoes and pedals are in my VERY NEAR future.

Two of my early season goals were to 1) get upgraded to Cat 1 on the MTB by now and 2) win my Age Group at today's Desert Duathlon. Both, failed due to broken cleats. I am realistic though. Yeah anything can happen and you don't win until you win, but I know where my fitness is, how I felt during the races, my position and know that I would have achieved both of these goals.