Sunday, February 22, 2009

MBAA Hedghog Hustle Results - I CRASHED

Check the results here.

Argh. Got the hole-shot, traded off 1st once, then regained the lead for the back, technical half of the first lap and kept it until the technical half of the second and final lap.

Then I decided to go over my bars and face plant. Aside from a smashed lip that required couple of stitches and a bruised and scratched cheek, I was totally hopping back on to finish what I had started....then....I realized I rip the cleat off my shoe again! AGAIN!

If any one's wondering what my peddle set-up is, I ride Crank Brothers. BUT, this has not been a Crank Brothers thing at all! I love their peddles. Have then on the MTB and road bikes. It's a ME thing. I've been racing in road shoes. I like the way they feel and they work just fine for Xterra. But, I've learned twice now that they just aren't cut out for legit MTB racing. No Duh, right?

I'm in the market for some new MTB shoes. I don't like the ones I have, obviously.

We're off to the Desert Duathlon now. The bike is pretty much dialed (never know with TT bikes I've found) and I am pretty confident about being able to go fast.

Payback for yesterday.