Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Options Define the Season

For many triathletes, this time of year presents a mixed bag of options.  There is an inevitable combination of returning to a more “normal” pattern of life, some exercise and time spent planning for 2009. 


I really want to focus on the options surrounding 2009 planning, but as I write this, I question why so many think the off-season is the time to resort back to a normal way of life.  I feel more lost now, in the off season, than ever.  My current pattern, that includes not sleeping well, is not normal.  Not watching my diet is not normal.  Not training regularly on a schedule is not normal.  Not holding myself accountable for the demands of training is not normal.  My life right now is not normal. 


What is off-season anyways?  When does it start?  What exactly does it constitute?  I think there needs to be a re-definition of the term…or perhaps a new term created altogether.  I don’t really ever feel “off” as I always feel like a triathlete.  I prefer it.  So, for now, I’m going with a new term to define my status as a triathlete:  I am in “seasonal transition”….


Seasonal – describes the time period between seasons, a period that I am clearly in

Transition – describes the action of passing from one place to another, an action that I am clearly, ever so impatiently doing


Let it be known that a) my normal life is the one I lead as a triathlete and b) until further notice from my coach, I am in the seasonal transition phase.


…oh yeah…the discussion on 2009 planning…I’ll save that for later.  


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm Officially Off for the Season

It took a while to get into the mode of off-season...but I've arrived. I've stayed up late, ate bad food on numerous, back-to-back occasions, had plenty of -0- workout days, done a 10-min ride just to turn around b/c I "didn't feel like riding".....the list goes on. I've arrived. It's good to be here. We all have to get "here" so that we can successfully "there"....

In addition to these uncharacteristic activities, I've been riding for fun with no agenda, running for fun with no agenda, not swimming at all, doing some core/strength/flexibility stuff, and turbo hiking with my wife. Mandy is training for a 1/2 marathon and her motor is getting nicely tuned, so there is nothing leisurely about our hikes...they are "turbo." On swimming, while body surfing in Maui post-Xterra Worlds, the oh-so-powerful ocean smashed me shoulder first into the beach. Sprained it. What better time to get it back to 100% than right now.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be diving into some more formal strength training, training in general and really start setting up the fun stuff....goals and the plan to achieve them.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Hard to Let Go

I am finding it very hard to let go of the 2008 Xterra season. I put everything into it and didn't end on a high note. I want a mulligan, a re-do, another shot...but, I have to wait for an entire year. Apart from the feeling, the mental side of things, it is hard to let off the pedal on my fitness.

I have to give my mind a break from both the intensity and focus needed to be successful and from on-calendar weeks training in 2008.

The triathlon press is definitely NOT short of articles and recommendations on what to during the off-season. One recommendation is to spend time on other interests....well....I think my "other interests" don't stray to far from swimming, biking and running. No....I'm not shallow, am I? Another thing about me is that I love routine and needless to say my routine is jacked.

I need to be shaken.

Understanding all of these recovery-related off season things, I have been doing what I can to unplug.

I been swim/bike/running barely and kicked off a strength/core/flexibility program modeled by the Core Performance folks. This program will evolve a bit of the upcoming weeks, but it's a good start.