Saturday, February 14, 2009

5.5% Improvement in 20 Days

Just got back from a 4hr, 70mile road ride with 5,500ft of climbing. I rolled the whole time with Travis who consistently crushes me. Part of the ride we were accompanied by a couple of pros from Four Unity Racing. The regularly get on the pro podium irrespective of discipline, MTB, cross, road.

Prior to the turnaround there is a ~20min climb. My avg power today was 5.5% better than 20 days ago up the same climb (where I felt super strong). Then, unlike 20 days ago, we turned around after descending from the climb and hit it again. Avg power once again bested the results from 20 days ago. Not quite as fast, but good regardless.

My hips/butt are really baked. I've been doing hard runs and hitting the strength training with quality and today's ride was the icing on the cake....legs are DONE!

Tomorrow should be interesting. I am doing a road race 10k.

Recovery drink - check.
Recovery tights - check.
Recovery meal - check.
Recovery nap - check.