Monday, March 17, 2008

The Wheel Turns

Cruise control has officially been engaged because workouts are getting harder, work never lets up...and....there are still only 24hrs in a day. The good thing is that I never seem to get bored with pushing my body...especially when the positive results continue to roll. The first week of tough Base 3 workouts were tough and have left me pretty tired. Not too tired though to take on another couple of weeks. This week will increase the volume a bit and has me wondering where it is going to fit, but I am confident it will get done. I've found a nice balance doing 4 swims/week. I have been doing 1 short/drill swim solo and then hook up with masters for the other 3 sets. It is prime lake swimming time here in AZ, so I might round up some tri-buds and head to do some open water swimming this weekend. My new Zoot Xenith is screaming at me to be used. I can't wait. On the bike, I am looking at 2 super hard trainer workouts, 2 super easy short/recovery rides, 1 long zone 2/3 road ride with plenty of climbing and 1 fun day w/a couple of hours on the mtb. I have been really pushing the envelope on the trails (Hawes/Red Mountain) near my house. I am getting super comfortable on my Cannondale Taurine and think I have found a nearly ideal tire pressure for desert riding. 25psi front and rear. What good is all this hard training if I waste it all making up for poor handling? The run is progressing well and I pretty much feel more comfortable and faster with each and every run. 1hr on the trails seems par for the course and is readily becoming "fun." I am thinking of throwing in some more run-only races, but we'll see. Time to set up the torture rack (trainer) for tomorrow mornings ride.