Thursday, March 13, 2008

Heading in the Right Direction

I have crested the hurdle of how to positively manage higher volume and intensity. This is a great feeling because I no longer freak out about how I am going to fit everything into a day and, more importantly, I am physically and mentally ready for each workout....easy or hard. So, three cheers for a having put in extra long early base training. Fully into base 3 now, all tests indicate that I am not only heading in the right direction, but am ahead of schedule. The first true test will come on April 26 at the Arizona Xtreme Desert Xterra. I'll be out of the lab soon and into race season mode. Key training highlights for the swim are that I've added 1-2 extra easy/drill set swims per week. These are really helping my times consistently come down and are great for all around recovery. Biking is going as planned and, similar to the swim, I have added some additional easy miles. On the run I've integrated higher intensity bricks off the bike. These never feel "good", but really get my mind and body into race mode. I will be throwing in some more race specific workouts as the April 26 race draws closer like lake swims, swim start simulation sets, short interval bricks (swim-bike-swim-bike) and, fortunately, lots of pre-riding the is 15min from my house. All in stride for now. Onto a trainer workout this AM, an easy jog around beautiful Paradise Valley at lunch followed up by a nice easy spin tonight after work..maybe even a night mtb ride instead.