Saturday, March 08, 2008

R&R In Full Swing

I am now on the tail end of a well executed recovery week. I say "well executed" because I think it takes just about as much discipline to follow a lower volume and intensity schedule as it does to follow the alternative. This being said, I can't say I didn't have the urge to get out an train a little extra here or have thoughts about like "my competition is out training while I am getting slow." Bottom line: I am rested and ready to put some serious focus and energy on my next phase of training. Base 3.

This week the final USA Triathlon rankings were published an I finished 2007 ranked 7th in the 25-29 age group with "Honorable Mention" status. This is an improvement over 2006 where I finished being ranked 12th. I was also super excited to see my XTERRA buds to receive high ranks with Trevor Glavin getting 1st (25-29), James Walsh getting 2nd (25-29) and Tom Obrien getting 6th (30-34). Great job All Americans!

During rest weeks I typically conduct some tests. Nothing too taxing in duration. I still question testing during rest week. The workouts are inherently hard and are kinds of tough to get up for mentally. I did set power PRs for the 30sec, 1min and 5min bike tests. Good. I will be doing a couple 300s at the pool tomorrow the check progress there also. Should be good.

Stay tuned for a full explanation of my upcoming East Coast XTERRA trip. My travel crew have all bought plane tickets, so it's on!