Monday, May 11, 2009

MTB Race in Flagstaff this Weekend Plus a Whole Lot More

The next couple of weeks will be real busy and fun.
This weekend I will be racing in the local AZ MTB series up in Flagstaff.  I hope there is a bunch of climbing.  My goal is to move up to Cat 1 after this race. 
Then for Memorial Day weekend and the following week we will be over in San Diego taking a half play/half working vacation.  I am excited to get some training in with James Walsh and Trevor Glavin.
Sunday after San Diego, we will hit the local Deuces Wild Xterra TriathlonCoach Grasky has the course record and I will gun to take it.
...and last but not least, Wednesday after Deuces I am heading to Idaho for the Xterra Northwest Championship.
I also found a training jewel this morning, the Monday morning group ride.  I usually hit the Wednesday and Friday 5am group ride that rolls through NE Mesa and was under the impression that Wednesday was the toughest option.  Not so much.  I was told to try Monday, so I did this morning.  Yee-Ouch!  1hr 40min. 275w norm power.  It's on the sched now.  I can't tell you how valuable this type of training is for me come Xterra race day.