Friday, December 05, 2008

Swim Test Update

**read below entry for full update**
Slow as suspected in the water this morning.  Since the last time I did the same exact 3x300 test 2mths ago, I am 8% slower.  Seeing as I've swam only 6k in the last month, I'm not suprised nor am I unconfident that my times will easily come down fast.  I have some abitious swim goals this year and althought I'm not doing any big swim blocks for a while, I confident that a significant focus on form and engine development form heavy bike and run will get me fast and on track to do well.  I've been consdering opening up my training stats and some details to the public.  It's not like my competition would use the info to race me differently.  So what if someone knows my bike ftp is, say 315 watts?  If you're there or beyond, good for you.  Not like you couldn't figure out where you stacked up by looking at race results anyhow.