Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Xterra West Championships

Quick summary:

  • 3rd 25-29 Age Group
  • 11th overall amateur
  • 11min improvement or 2007


  • Non-wetsuit, 74 degree water - I really prefer non-wetsuit swims
  • My 2xU Super Elite suit from Focus Cyclery worked and felt super slick and fast
  • Got off to a smooth start and was with the lead age groupers the entire swim
  • Came out of the feeling fresh and confident


  • Temperature started heating up for the two-lap course that had plenty of climbing
  • Found bike legs pretty quickly (been working on swim/bike bricks and used silicone ear plugs to fend off balance issues)
  • Kept leaders in site on first climbs, but started to loose ground once they got out of site as the descent started
  • Maintained an ok pace while keeping focused and positive even though the top places had gotten away
  • Nutrition and hydration was spot-on; 6 Cliff shot blocks, 2 GUs, 1 bottle of water, 1 bottle filled with PowerBar endurance mix and 1 bottle of Hammer Perpetuum


  • Super hot by now and had to tackle one long grind that required a little walking followed by a two lap section with some steep rollers and fast descents
  • Didn't feel like I could push until 3/4 of the way through
  • Legs held up good on the step stuff by monitoring how high I picked my legs up and how hard I pushed
  • Stopped at every aide station for a water and a splash of cold water on the head

What's next:

  • My peak is on the way over the next couple of weeks
  • I will leave it all on the bike the next races, the top spots are very close
  • This weekend I will be taking some family time in Destin, FL
  • Following weekend is a local race in Show Low, AZ, Deuces Wild
  • Two weekends from now will start the East Coast adventure with the SE Championships in Alabama followed by the East Championships in Virginia